The thinwall fence is a completely unique wall system. The design of the fence eliminates the continuous concrete grade beam commonly used with conventional double-wythe masonry fences. Concrete and masonry “H” columns are constructed first, with a single-wythe masonry panel constructed secondly. The panel actually functions as a reinforced beam spanning the two columns. The panel is not in contact with the ground upon completion of construction allowing movement of the panel, and drainage of water. The panel is held together by a combination of the bond strength of the mortar, and horizontal steel reinforcing.

Thinwall fences are designed so that they last as long or longer than conventional double-wythe masonry fences. Double-wythe fences are laid on top of a concrete grade beam that does not allow for any ground movement. In coastal Texas, the ground often will swell and contract with the water level in the soil. This movement will cause the grade beam to move and crack, thereby causing the masonry to crack. In contrast, a thinwall fence is designed to allow for this contraction, expansion of the soil, and the panels can move vertically inside the columns. Therefore, a thinwall fence, if properly constructed and maintained, should last as long as the owner desires. Click here to read our history

There are numerous advantages associated with the thinwall fence system. Three major advantages are less material, an engineered design, and a strong warranty.
Because a thinwall fence is only one brick wide, it uses less material than a conventional, double-wythe wall. This has a two-pronged effect: one, less material equates to lower material costs, and second, less material to install equates to faster completion time. The faster the fence is up, the quicker the developer can sell completed lots thereby recouping costs faster.
The engineered design of the thinwall fence allows for the panels to move as the movement of the earth demands. Because of the special “H” columns of the fence system, each panel can move as the ground around the fence contracts and expands, thereby reducing the chances of cracking and breaking that is traditionally associated with masonry fencing.
Additionally, because each thinwall fence that Hoggatt, LP constructs is reviewed by a structural engineer, we are able to offer warranties on the fences longer than on any double-wythe masonry fence. Developer and homeowner’s associations can rest assured knowing that Hoggatt, LP will honor those warranties as well, as we were founded in 1951. In fact, click here to read an actual testimonial from the president of the Cinco Associations, a Hoggatt, LP client since the mid-1990’s.

Over the past fifteen years, Hoggatt, LP has constructed thinwall fences out of almost any type of masonry building material. Take a look at our online portfolio for some photos of the different materials we have used.
• Concrete Masonry Units—4”, 6”, and 8” units, both smooth and split-faced, of various colors, various accent pieces
• Brick—Modular, king-sized, queen-sized, and oversized units, both clay-fired and concrete brick, various colors and blends, various patterns
• Cultured Stone—over both CMU and brick, various textures and patterns, various blends
• Natural Stone—Several varieties of natural stone

There are an unlimited number of design variations. It all depends on the architect, designer, and the intents of the owner. Throughout the numerous projects Hoggatt, LP has constructed involving thinwall fences, we have built no fewer than 35 different column styles, as well as many variations in materials and colors. You can see numerous examples of the different design options on our online portfolio page. Hoggatt, LP encourages designers of construction projects to become creative in their design, thereby making the project unique and distinctive. One of the more creative fences Hoggatt, LP has constructed was the Park at Post Oak, for which Hoggatt, LP and landscape architect Fred Buxton won a Golden Trowel Award.

Yes. The terms and limitations vary with each different job, but Hoggatt, LP is proud to offer warranties that are considerably longer than most warranties for conventional masonry fencing. Developer and homeowner’s associations can rest assured knowing that Hoggatt, LP will honor those warranties as well, as we were founded in 1951.