2909_Hoggatt_155Hoggatt LP performs a substantial portion of its work at the larger master planned communities in and around Houston, as evidenced on the gallery portion of both the Thinwall fence and the Hardscape pages on this website. This section is designed to give you a look at just what we do and what we offer the owners of these great developments. Upon being invited to bid on new projects, the estimators thoroughly review the bidding documents and the blueprints for the project. The goal of this is to really understand the project and to minimize changes once the project has been awarded. If any discrepancies occur, the estimators bring them to the attention of the landscape architect, and try to work with them to accomplish an agreeable, cost effective solution. Unlike some competitors, we have an extensive masonry background, which allows us to see problems before they arise, even as early as the bidding process. The estimators alone, have over 80 years combined experience!
Once the bidding process is complete and the job has been awarded, normally a pre-construction conference is held. At one of these meetings, goals, priorities, and schedules are typically discussed to ensure that the owner, architect, and every contractor are all on the same page. Any questions not addressed in the bidding process are usually brought up as well. After the preconstruction conference, the plans are shipped to a certified structural engineer. The engineer will review the plans and adjust the foundations and reinforcing as necessary to comply with local applicable building codes and standards. Once the modifications are complete, all permits, if required, are secured and inspections are scheduled.
At this point in the construction of a master planned community or large scale residential development, streets have usually been poured and the lots have typically been cleared. Grading and pinning of the lots occur next. This is an important step to Hoggatt LP because it ensures that the fence and entranceway are in the correct location and at the proper height. Once the final grading and pinning has taken place, Hoggatt LP sends a crew out to lay out the job, staking and flagging the project so the owner and architect can accurately see how the footprint of the fence and/or entranceway will actually look. Additionally, Texas State Law requires that anyone digging deeper than 18 inches must call in to a call center to have the utilities in the area located. This important step lets Hoggatt LP and the architect determine if any of the proposed new construction conflicts with existing underground utilities, and insures the safety of Hoggatt LP’s excavator and crew. If any conflicts occur, adjustments can be made to the layout of the project at this time. If no problems arise, it is time to begin construction.

First the footings are poured (with structural inspections completed here), and then material is stocked in pre-determined staging areas. Crews show up and begin to work diligently making sure that Hoggatt LP stays on schedule. As construction progresses, waste is generated. This waste is gathered up and disposed of routinely to prevent the eyesore that so many construction sites have become. We know that many potential homebuyers visit prospective communities over the weekend and on evenings when construction activities are not commencing, and therefore we strive to always keep the jobsite neat and clean.

As construction draws to a close, Hoggatt LP has a company walk through of the job, before a formal punch list meeting, hopefully eliminating any problems before presenting the project to the owner and architect. If any defects have occurred, we correct them promptly to avoid being called back once the crew has left the site. After this company walk through, a formal punch list meeting is convened. At this meeting, the owner and architect walk the project with the contractor reviewing and critiquing the work. If any items are found to be unacceptable, they are put on a list and given to the contractor to correct before final acceptance occurs. At Hoggatt LP, we believe in correcting all punch list item immediately, because the sooner the project is complete, the owner or developer can sell the home lots.

2909_Hoggatt_147After construction and punch list items are completed, Hoggatt LP’s real strength begins to show. Because we have chosen to use a certified structural engineer, because we have quality masons who know the thinwall fence system, and because of the corporate leadership of Hoggatt LP, we offer warranties on all of the fences we construct. We have been in business since 1951 (read our history here), so you can rest assured knowing that Hoggatt LP will stand behind its work.
By reading this, you should have gained an insight into what Hoggatt LP does and what we can offer the developer and owner of construction projects. By constructing quality masonry at competitive prices, and standing behind our work proudly, we have built relationships with developers, owners, architects, and other contractors that are solid, worthwhile, and beneficial to all involved. What project can we help you with?