HEBEL Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is both a masonry and steel reinforced precast panel product made of sand, cement, lime, water, and a rising agent. All raw materials are naturally found worldwide, in abundant quantities. AAC was developed in Sweden during the 1920s, and has since become a preferred building material in Europe and Asia. Gaining familiarity in the United States, the macro pore structure of AAC forms a lightweight material approximately ¼ the weight of conventional concrete.

During the manufacturing process, HEBEL AAC is autoclaved and aerated, forming macroscopic voids which contribute to the material’s unique ability to diffuse heat transfer. This offers a wide variety of building applications, including the new HEBEL AAC Aircrete Fence System by Hoggatt LP.

The HEBEL AAC Aircrete Fence System by Hoggatt LP combines the strength of masonry thinwall fencing with the erection speed, versatility, and cost efficiency of a precast panel fence. Panel widths come in 3”, 4”, and 6” which allows for the design team to use the most cost efficient model to achieve the desired wind load.

Panels can be finished in a variety of ways with unlimited color choices. The AAC also lends itself to being an excellent base for finishes like stucco and manufactured stone. Finally, a cost effective way to produce a stucco fence and entranceway! Additionally, columns can be constructed of durable CMU, brick, concrete, and/or a combination of them all. This all allows for an endless number of combinations and designs to give your community the best looking, stable, secure, and cost effective fence on the market today.

Hoggatt LP is a leading masonry fence contractor in the greater Houston area. Now in our 60th year in business, Hoggatt LP stands behind our work. Over the past twenty years, we have concentrated on masonry fencing and hardscape projects such as Cinco Ranch, Shadow Creek Ranch and South Shore Harbour, but we never forgot our beginnings. Coming from a commercial masonry background gives the company a unique advantage when compared to our competition. The inherent properties and intricate details of masonry, which may be missed by others, are well understood by our staff, which has over 100 years of combined experience. By partnering with Xella, the North American manufacturer of Hebel AAC, Hoggatt LP is beating the competition again by bringing new, innovative products to the fencing market.